Rating Scale and Review Policy

It should be noted first and foremost that my rating system is entirely subjective.  I based my ratings on how I related with the characters, what I thought of the plot and world-building, and my feelings of the book overall. What I have written here is not set in stone, and I have every right to veer from these descriptions at any time if I see fit.


5 out of 5 = I LOVED THIS BOOK.  I am fangirling and gushing about it, and think everyone in the world should read this book.

4 out of 5 = I really liked this book.  I’d definitely recommend it to people, it was just missing that one element that really would have knocked my socks off.

3 out of 5 = I liked this book.  It had a few issues, but overall I’m glad I read it and can still recommend it.

2 out of 5 = I didn’t like this book.  I had multiple issues with it, and am hardput to determine who I would recommend it to.

1 out of 5 = I hated this book and only finished it to learn how it ended.  (It is rare that I will give a 1 out of 5, as I usually end up DNFing books I don’t like.)

DNF = I hated this book enough to not finish it.  I will still review what I read, as well as give reasons why I decided not to finish it.




Do you have a book you would like me to review?  I am currently accepting requests to review books, but please be aware of a few guidelines.

–> I prefer books in print or audio format, and am much more likely to accept a book for review in those formats.  I definitely still except ebooks however, in Nook format or available for use on the Aldiko app.  As of recently, I am no longer accepting books using the Kindle format, due to my own personal opinions about Amazon.

–> I read a vast array of titles, and am willing to consider most genres.  However, the chances of me accepting your book for review will increase if they are within the genres I enjoy most: fantasy, sci-fi, dystopian, paranormal, and YA.

–> All reviews given will be my opinion, and mine alone.  I am always honest with my readers.  Along these lines, I do not accept payment for reviews.

–> If the book is part of a series and not the first one, please be aware that I require the previous books as well.  I review all books I read, so any previous books will be reviewed by me as well.

–> Acceptance of a request does not guarantee I will finish the book.  I will read approximately 50-150 pages of a book, and if it has not grabbed me, I will declare it a DNF.  Please be aware that I do post DNF reviews on my blog, as I feel my readers should know why I’ve decided to put a book down.


You may contact me with a review request at bookjunkiekrystal@gmail.com.  Please include AT LEAST the title, author, brief description of the book, and format in which I would be receiving it.  If applicable, please also include a time frame in which you would like the book to be read and reviewed.  You may expect a response from me within a week or two.


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