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Let’s Talk: Blog Hosting

I’ve been trying to come up with a neat little theme for my so-called “random” or “miscellaneous” posts, mainly so I can categorize them in some way. Today I’m trying on the “Let’s Talk” meme for size.  What do you think?


Today I want to discuss blog hosting, and I apologize in advance to my readers that do not blog.

Right now my blog is still “free,” meaning that it has the added to the end of my web address.  I decided last month that I had committed 6 months to this blog and I was ready to take the next step and actually pay for it.  There are things I want to do that I just can’t with the free blog.

Originally I had intended to just Upgrade with WordPress.  I figured by doing that I could knock several things off my list, like get my own domain name, customized design, etc etc.


However, I feel like this is NOT the route most bloggers take.  Is that true?  If so, who do you host from?  How do you go about designing your blog?  How does it tie in with using WordPress?  Do you have to manually transfer all your posts to the other host?  Can you use affiliate links/advertise/book blog tour host if you are using WordPress but self-hosting? (By the way, I recently found out that if you are doing book blog tours without original content, you are violating WP’s terms of service.  Look it up, it specifically says “book blog tours”.)  And a million other questions I’m probably not even asking.


To put it simply, I have spent all of July, which is when I intended to go the pay-for-my-blog route, discovering that it isn’t necessarily that easy.  I feel a bit overwhelmed with it all at the moment, and find it difficult to find the information I’m seeking.  I could be TOTALLY off-base with how this even works, for all I know.


So here’s what I want to know:

If you have your own domain, who are you hosting from?

How do you do your blog designing?

How does hosting from other sites play well with WordPress?

Do you have any good sources of information that you could send my way?

Do you have any answers to questions I haven’t asked?


2 responses to “Let’s Talk: Blog Hosting

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  2. winterbayne July 30, 2014 at 1:04 pm

    Waiting on these answers myself 😉


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