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Book Review: Fixed On You by Laurelin Paige

Warning: This book and the following review are for adult audiences only!



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Does anyone else feel the need to put those kind of disclaimers on their blogs before reviewing romance/erotica type books?  Just curious what the consensus is.

I picked this ebook up as part of the bundled Fixed trilogy for B&N’s Nook.  Truth be told, I had some Nook settlement credit to use, even though I no longer have the device, only the app, and so I picked it up along with some other cheap bundle deals going on at the time.  I like having some smut to read from time to time 🙂

This will be a quick review because I often find it difficult to discuss this genre in writing.  But, I like to review everything I read, and I definitely enjoyed this book.


The basic premise of Fixed On You is dominant-successful-male-meets-poor-attractive-female; they-make-a-deal-but-fall-for-each-other-eventually.  Very stereotypical, I know.  Still, I liked the plots twists in this one.  They both have MAJOR issues: Alayna is literally a pro stalker, and Hudson manipulates women about as well as he manipulates business deals.  You’d think their problems would clash, but instead they learn how to help each other work through it all.  Alayna was really a great balance of strong and weak which really made me like her.  Then of course there’s all the understory with the deal that they’ve made.  Oh, and GOD IS HUDSON’S MOTHER A BIOTCH.  Sorry, I try not to swear around here, but I just wanted to slap that woman!!


The sex scenes are pretty steamy, though a bit unrealistic.  I don’t know any women who are successful that quickly and that often, if you get my gist.  Still, I liked that while Alayna enjoyed Hudson being so dominant, she made a point of taking over too.  And my gosh, Hudson was so blunt with his statements about wanting her, you couldn’t help but start fanning yourself.


Fixed On You was a great start to the trilogy, and I’m looking forward to seeing what happens in Found In You.  I’d recommend this to anyone who enjoys the dominant male story, and/or tortured souls finding peace through each other.  It’s way better than 50 Shades.

4 out of 5

Super personal question today….

If you like romance/erotica (I call it smut), what kinds do you prefer?


2 responses to “Book Review: Fixed On You by Laurelin Paige

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  2. downthebookhole July 15, 2014 at 10:03 pm

    You call it “smut” haha. I haven’t read much adult romance books, but recently picked up some paranormal romances and I am really interested to see what I think about them,


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