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Book Review: Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close

This book came from one of the many book lists I’ve mentioned before: The Quarter Life Crisis Girl’s Reading List.  I believe it was about two years ago, at the age of 24, that I stumbled upon this list.  It was the perfect list for me at the time, and I added quite a pile of books from that list to my TBR list.  Girls in White Dresses by Jennifer Close was one such book.

This is another book that I listened to via audiobook from the library.  Given that I’m commuting to/from work roughly 45 minutes total each day, I intend to keep picking up audiobooks from the library to enjoy during my drive time.


White DressesClick the image for the Goodreads summary.


Girls in White Dresses is about a group of girls going through all the stages of life that begin after college graduation, particularly the relationship aspects.  While the book seems to revolve around Isabella, most of the chapters are about her various friends.

I liked this book because it discusses real-life events that we all go through.  Dating, living situations, jobs, adult friendships, starting families – it’s got a little bit of it all.  There was a lot I could relate to, in some way or another.  I liked the broad mix of girls throughout the book, and learning how they all associated with each other.  We all have best friends, regular friends, acquaintances, work friends, and the like, and this book showcased those varying degrees of friendship.

I did, however, often have issues with how those associations and stories were put together.  Sometimes the transition from one girl to another was abrupt.  The book just didn’t flow very well in certain spots.

I also had major issues with the guys they end up with.  Most of the girls complain about the guy they are dating, almost excessively.  Or, the guy doesn’t really treat them the way he should be.  And yet, these girls stay with the men, often marrying them!!  It just didn’t make much sense.

The book also brings up past national events, such as the recession and the presidential election, and how these events affected the girls, which I liked.  What I didn’t understand was why the author made all the other events line up to true events, but then changed the presidential candidate from Obama to “Davenport”.  It was OBVIOUS she was insinuating Obama in the book, given the descriptions of the man and the political slogans used, and I didn’t understand why she changed the name.  Maybe there’s some law I’m unaware of?

I’m glad I listened to this book versus trying to read it, but I think the narrator may have swayed my opinion of it a bit.  I could tell I was being influenced by the voices the narrator portrayed each girl as having.  One girl in particular was given that snobby, preppy tone of voice, and it just didn’t seem to fit her at all.


I’m still giving this book a 3 out of 5 due to it’s relate-ability, but I had issues with the flow and relationship contradictions.  This book was definitely one of those “Eh, it’s okay” kind of books for me, which is probably why I’ve struggled so much with this review!

3 out of 5

Have you ever read a book where it seems like the character is saying one thing

(“I don’t really like this guy”)

but then does another

(marry him)



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