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Book Review: Dragon’s Keep by Janet Lee Carey



Happy Friday friends!

Dragon’s Keep by Janet Lee Carey was my May selection for a monthly meme I’ve been doing, Lost or Forgotten Books.  You may find a review of April’s selection, Rosebush by Michele Jaffe, here.

Dragon's KeepAs always, you can click the image above for the Goodreads summary.


Let me start off by saying that you guys did a great job picking this book for me!  I read it during Bout of Books, and was finished with it in two days!


As I’ve stated before, I am a big fan of medieval fantasy, and this book gave me that!

The book starts with a prophecy, given by Merlin himself.  I found the use of Merlin here kind of pointless – he held no bearing to the story other than to lend his name.  Really, it could have been any mage/wizard/prophesier that gave the prophecy, and the story would have still stood.  However, I loved starting the book with a prophecy.  It leaves you wondering “okay, how is this going to play out?”, particularly since the prophecy, like most prophecies, uses veiled words that are hard to interpret.

We quickly learn that Princess Rosalind has something to hide, and her mother will do ANYTHING to keep it hidden.  Except that her mother has her own secrets to hide, and as things spiral out of control with the dragon, we learn just how desperate her mother is and to what means she will go to get what she wants.

Oh, and then there’s the dragon!  Carey does a great job developing this part of the story, and I love seeing the softer sides of a usually fierce being.  I enjoyed the relate-ability Rosalind had with the dragon, even though she spends so much time denying it.

The book chugs along at a regular pace for most of it, and then at the end, everything is suddenly rolling together and you are completely caught up in it.  Even the last few pages, right when you think the book is doing the usual conclusion-after-the-climax part, you are presented with a twist that makes the book all come together.

My biggest complaint about Dragon’s Keep is the amount of time Rosalind spends in mourning.  A lot of terrible things happen around and to her.  But gosh, so much time is spent with her mourning these events!  I lost count of the number of times she mentions not eating, being depressed, etc etc.  It was just a little too much for me, and it took far too long for her strength to come through.


Overall, I really enjoyed this book!  As if that wasn’t evident when I said I read it in two days, right?  haha  This book is classic medieval fantasy, and I’d recommend it to anyone who loves that subgenre.  Dragon’s Keep was a great read that I intend to keep on the shelves!
4 out of 5



What book have you recently read that was sitting on your shelves mocking you for what seemed like forever?


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