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Book Review: Out of the Blue by Isabel Wolff




Out of the Blue by Isabel Wolff was my March selection for a new monthly meme I’m doing, Lost or Forgotten Books.


Out of the Blue is a story about Faith, a meteorologist for an early morning news show who finds out her husband of 15 years has had an affair.  The book follows Faith through the year as she follows the complicated steps of finding herself, divorce, new relationships, and relationships that have changed.


I wish I had more to say about the synopsis of this book.  Unfortunately, those two sentences pretty much sum it up, and this might be why I’ve put off reading this book for so long.  When I picked it up at a bag-of-books type book sale, it sounded sort of interesting, and at the time I was in a reading slump.  That was over 2 years ago.

After the first 50 pages, I considered putting the book down.  Then I decided, okay, I’ll read another 50 and maybe it’ll get better.  I got to 100 pages and thought “Well…. maybe just a little more.”  At around 150 pages, I put it down for over a week.  Then I picked it up again, and at about 200 pages, or roughly halfway through the book, I decided that I was just going to get it finished so I could find out how it ended.

It’s rare that I dislike a book as much as this one.  The last time this happened was probably when I read Lord of the Flies roughly 2 years ago.  I kept thinking it would get better, though it never did, until I reached the point of just wanting to know the ending.

My main problem with this book was the characters.  Faith was SO whiny in the beginning, and throughout the book she was naive to the point of ignorance.  She completely accepted everything anyone told her at face value.  For example, at one point she realizes her twelve-year-old son has a brand new laptop.  When she asks him where it came from, he CLEARLY isn’t being straight with her, but when Jos chimes in and says he got it for her son, she just totally accepts that.  Then there’s Lily who was portrayed as this high class, highfalutin woman, and yet she was supposedly best friends with mid-class Faith.  Jos was this oddly demanding man whom everything about him came off as extremely fake.  Peter was probably the most “real” of them all, and even he had issues.

The relationships between the characters never felt real.  Any time Faith tried to find answers about something from someone, she practically fed them a way to lie to her.  The dialogue when she is confronting Peter about the affair is absurd.  The majority of the conversations Faith and Jos have during their relationship feel fake and forced.   Honestly, the only interactions that felt real at all were the work politics that Sophie had to deal with, and that was just an aside to the overall story.

I’m not even going to discuss the fact that NO SCHOOL WOULD EVER LET A TWELVE YEAR OLD PLAY THE STOCK MARKET FOR THEM.  It’s not worth my time.


All in all, this book was pretty terrible.  It was almost a DNF for me several times.  I can’t think of anyone I would recommend this to, which is rare.


1 out of 5


Have you ever had a book that was almost a DNF?  What made you decide to finish it?


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