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My Book Lists

I did something crazy yesterday.

I put all of my To Be Read (aka currently in possession of) and Wish List (aka don’t currently have in hand but want to read) books in two neat bookshelves on Goodreads.

(Are we Goodreads friends yet?  We should be.)

If you read my TTT post from earlier this week, you know I’ve thus far been managing these lists via a word document and a designated shelf at home.

So this is big.  It means I can now easily access my lists at all times, particularly since Goodreads has a phone app (yay!).

But that’s not the most crazy part.

I did some serious critiquing of my wish list while adding all the books to Goodreads.  This list was once only comprised of a few books here and there, until a few years ago.  Remember that post a while back about my love and fascinations for book lists/countdowns?  Or this one?  Or what about this one?  Well my fascination of book lists means that there were a LOT of books on my wish list.

I removed a whopping 72 books off my list.  I was shocked.  Many of these were “classics”, or books that I felt obligated to read at some point in my life.  But what’s the point of forcing myself to read a book, just because I “should”?  If I’m not going to enjoy it, why read it?  Other books taken off the list were ones that may have piqued my interest at some point, but I was no longer interested in.  There were also a few that I was on the fence about, and I’m sure I’ll need to keep reviewing my list from time to time in the future, just to keep things in line.

The ridiculous part is that even after crossing all those books off… I still have 216 books on my wish list, and 55 books on my to be read list.

I wish I was exaggerating.  I’m not.

Granted, a lot of these books are series: The Black Dagger Brotherhood, Shatter Me, Mortal Instruments, etc etc.  When you add all the books in a series, it tends to fill your list pretty quickly.  Because of this, I decided to join in on Read. Sleep. Repeat.’s 2014 Book Series Challenge, which means I might be able to knock off a substantial amount of books on my list.

I’d be lying if I said starting this book blog didn’t make my lists EXPLODE.  I’ve been adding several books a week lately, which is insane.

I’ve already made it a goal of mine to tackle the old/forgotten books on my To Be Read shelf.  So now I’m going to make it a goal to make a substantial dent in my wish list this year, which I’m sure the Series Challenge will help with.  I REALLY would like to make it more manageable; even getting under 200 would be nice right now.  I have a feeling I’m going to be stopping by the local library more often in the future.  🙂

So there you have it, a revamp of my lists and some new goals for the rest of the year.

How do you track books? 
How many books do you own but haven’t read yet? 
How many books are just on your wish list to read at some point? 
Do you think I’m crazy?

8 responses to “My Book Lists

  1. Priya March 23, 2014 at 4:54 am

    Haha, I know this feeling. There’s a pretty neat book sale today at the local British library and it’s taken everything in me to not go. I mean, there won’t be any place left to stand in my house if I buy any more books. I won’t even dare count those on my wishlist. Don’t you just love it, though? We’ll never run out of reads!


  2. Pamela D March 20, 2014 at 10:13 pm

    I’m so impressed with your organization. I started adding all of the books that I have (including kindle freebies) and it just started to overwhelm me. I don’t even want to know. 🙂


  3. Emily @ Oh Magic Hour March 20, 2014 at 4:16 pm

    Also, I cannot find your Goodreads link. 😦


  4. Emily @ Oh Magic Hour March 20, 2014 at 4:13 pm

    I just did this as well!! I didn’t do wish list, but that’s a good idea – I just marked in there which ones I already owned. This effort was combined with me purging my actual shelves, but I STILL ended up with 80 TBR on my bookshelf! Insane! Most of mine are also first in series, which is part of why I’m not just digging in. But it does feel so satisfying to have everything set up the way you want it!


    • bookjunkiekrystal March 20, 2014 at 4:23 pm

      That’s a smart way to do it too! I’m still learning all the capabilities of Goodreads, I hadn’t actually looked into the “owned” bookshelf until now. Maybe I’ll have to consider redoing it a bit at some point. I think eventually I’d also like to split my wishlist into books I’d like to own and books I’d be fine getting at the library.


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