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Quotable Friday {2} – Childhood Cancer

This week’s Quotable inspiration comes from the fact that I will be traveling back to Penn State this weekend for THON.

179e8690b4661df0aad28d1f577f493bWhat is THON you ask?  It’s a 46-hour no sitting, no sleeping dance maraTHON, which raises money for pediatric cancer.  Over 15,000 Penn State students are involved each year, raising money from September to February, when 700 of those students get the opportunity to participate in the event.  Last year they raised $12.3 million for The Four Diamonds Fund, and since it’s inception in the 70’s, THON has raised over $101 million for the fight against pediatric cancer.

I was involved with THON for 3 out of my 4 years in college, and I even got to be one of the few lucky people given the chance to dance.  But it’s not just that.  Organizations “adopt” families who have children with pediatric cancer, and get to know them.  Spend time with them.  Help them through the rough parts and celebrate the great ones.  My organization has had our family for several years, and they really are a part of our family now.  They are the reason that after graduating almost 4 years ago, I still go back every year.  Thankfully their son has been in remission for over 9 years now, but not all families are so lucky.

I could go on and on about THON, because it’s always been something near and dear to my heart.  But if you’re interested in learning more, and even potentially donating, I suggest you check out the THON website.

Anyway, this week’s quote is from  My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult.  My Sister’s Keeper is about two sisters, one who has been battling cancer for years, and another who was carefully planned and “designed” to be the perfect match for her sister, in the hopes that they could use the younger, “healthy” girl to heal the one battling cancer.  This book is very deep, and it raises a lot of moral, ethical, and emotional questions.  If you ever pick it up, expect to cry… a lot.

“There are some things we do because we convince ourselves it would be better for everyone involved. We tell ourselves that it’s the right thing to do, the altruistic thing to do. It’s far easier than telling ourselves the truth.” 

–Jodi Picoult, My Sister’s Keeper


3 responses to “Quotable Friday {2} – Childhood Cancer

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  3. Jan February 25, 2014 at 10:16 am

    Great quote. I haven’t read the book, but read about it and have thought about the ethics and questions this book deals with.


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